Evaluating the Requirements for the Success of E-government Implementation from the Viewpoint of Academic Members in Jordanian Universities


This study sought to evaluate the requirement, challenges, and recommendations for the success of E-government implementation from the point of view of academic staff in Jordanian universities. The study relied on the descriptive approach, and a questionnaire was used for data collection. The sample of this study consisted of 178 academic staff at the Jordanian universities. The study found that E-government application encounters various challenges such as the lack of qualified staff that could manage the online processes,   E-government organizational policies, security and privacy issues, and lack of information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. In addition, the main requirements for the success of E-government are to ensure the protection of the citizens’ information, to adopt security technologies to protect confidentiality, secure personal information, secure the information from intentional or unintentional disclosure, and ensure safe delivery. The academic staff in this study recommended ensuring the modernity of the E-government website and delivering up to date information. In addition, the E-government website shall have accessibility to all of the mean official department and directorates. Moreover, the E-government website shall have the accessibility and easiness of use, the characteristic of continuous development, and other characteristics that users require such as the ability to upload or attach documents.


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