The Role of Strategic Partnership in Achieving Security Goals: An Empirical Study of Abu Dhabi Police


The study aimed to identify the impact of the strategic partnership on achieving security goals in Abu Dhabi Police, and to come up with recommendations that work on paying attention to the strategic partnership and its objectives. It also evaluates the fundamentals and obstacles to strategic partnership to achieve security goals. The study used the descriptive analytical method. The questionnaire was also used to collect the study data. The study population consisted of the officers concerned with managing the relationship with the partners in the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. The sample was randomly selected as a research sample consisting of (80) officers from Abu Dhabi Police. The sample was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) program. The results showed a statistically significant relationship to strategic partnership, crime prediction and reduction, catching criminals and bringing them to justice at a humiliation level (0.05). There is a statistically significant relationship between the strategic partnership and the novel crimes at the level of humiliation (0.05). There is also a statistically significant relationship between the strategic partnership and facing the challenges and security risks at the level of significance (0.05). The strategic partnership improves the quality of service for the security services and reduces costs at the level of significance (0.05). The study recommends the necessity of using performance evaluation and measurement criteria to measure the quality of security services and the added value resulting from the partnership through the use of the expertise and experiences of other countries if possible, especially in light of the increasing trend to measure the governmental and institutional performance of government agencies in accordance with international standards and standards. And the exchange of experiences between Arab and European countries in the field of strategic partnerships, and the use of modern technologies and advanced technology to achieve security goals.


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