Patients Attendance Jordanian Royal Medical Services Dental during COVID-19


At a time when the world is looking for a way to prevent the spread of the virus by spraying and breathing, the dentist is forced to deal directly and very closely with the patient’s mouth and repeatedly with more than one person during the day, especially since dental cleaning tools and mechanisms may spread the infection if the doctor is not interested, Moreover, this paper aims to investigate the patient’s awareness on the potential risks of COVID-19 transmission in dental practice and to investigate patients’ behavior and to analyze their reactions in relation to COVID-19 pandemic professional restrictive measures. However, an observational descriptive study which involves a self-administrated questionnaire composed of 14 questions has been distributed to dental patients in order to investigate their behavior and to analyze their reactions in relation to COVID-19 pandemic restrictive measures in the Royal Medical Services dental clinics. The investigator explained the aims and the methods of the study to the patients and confirmed that all information will remain confidential and anonymous. In addition, the researchers assured to patients that their decision to complete the study will not affect the dental service they will receive in the future. Responses were collected, and data have been entered into SPSS 25 for Windows software and will be analyzed using the Rasch model, Chi-square test, and phi square at the 0.05 level of significance. This paper found that a total of (330) patients (188) females and (142) males, age of patients were between (80-10) years old were chosen to ask about their awareness to COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan Royal Medical Services.


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