The Impact of Using Computerized Accounting Programs on Enhancing the Financial Performance of The Entrepreneurship Projects in Palestine


The study aims to investigate the impact of Computerized Accounting Programs on enhancing the financial performance entrepreneurship projects in Palestine.  The descriptive analytical approach was used, and a random sample of 105 intrapreneurs benefitting from UCAS incubator was selected with 48 projects, of which 88 were retrieved with 86% as a recovery rate. The results were analyzed using SPSS. However, the results revealed that the factors including the recognized benefit of the computerized accounting programs, the usability, good training and the confidentiality affect the intrapreneurs’ intention to use these programs. It was also concluded that the effect of these factors on enhancing the Entrepreneurship Projects can be indicated by expenses expenditure, increasing the incomings, the support to the financial and administrative decision and identifying the points of strength and weakness in addition to enhancing the monitor of the financial performance. The study finally recommended to consider the factors affecting the success of using the computerized accounting programs when preparing them, adding formative courses in computerized accounting programs for the intrapreneurs before using and incubating their intrapreneurship projects. It was also recommended to ensure the ability to use these programs in addition to making the intrapreneurs able to use the program well before launching the project.


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