The Mediating Role of MIS Efficiency in the Relationship between Business Processes and Operational Excellence


The importance of utilizing of Management Information System (MIS) is increased to manage information, improve the business processes (BP), and enhance the operational excellence (OE) of the organizations. This study aims to explore the role of MIS efficiency in improving the BP and the OE of Jordanian banks. The data of this research is collected from 159 managers in two Jordanian banks. In order to address the research aims, the SPSS and AMOS are utilized to conduct several analyses such as demographic analysis, confirmatory factors analysis, and descriptive analysis. The results show that the efficiency of MIS would be designed based on the business processes such as information workflow and working functionality. The MIS efficiency includes many dimensions such as throughput, transaction speed, system availability, information accuracy, and response rate. The efficient MIS functions plays important role in improving the OE of the banks such as working innovations and services quality. This research provides useful information about the relationship between the MIS functions, business processes, and operational excellence in the banks.


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