The Impact of Strategic Planning on The Performance of Economic Governmental Organizations: The Moderating Role of Organizational Leadership and Sustainability


This paper aims to investigate the effect of Strategic planning (finance resource, management skills, Information systems, organization culture and innovation. In addition, to investigate the relationship of sustainability and Entrepreneurship between Strategic planning and organizations performance. Smart PLS were used to investigate the relationship between variables. Moreover, this study confirms that there is a positive impact of strategic planning on the performance of organizations, and there is a positive impact of entrepreneurship and sustainability between strategic planning and the performance of organizations. Furthermore, it was concluded that there is a mediating role for entrepreneurship in the relationship between strategic planning and the performance of the Department of Economic Development. The results of this study benefit the Department of Economic Development, as well as decision makers and policy makers in organizations to improve performance and the ability to plan according to the strategies followed, and that entrepreneurship works to mediate the relationship and thus improve the level of the economy.


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