The Impact of Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Asset Management on Economic Productivity and Regional Income of Jordan: The Mediating Role of Organizational Culture


The main purpose of this paper can be expressed as examining the mediating role of organizational culture in the effect of human resources, strategic planning and asset management on economic productivity and regional income of Jordan. As it is known, 21st century labor market dynamics prioritize employees who are committed to the organization they work for and who mobilize their potential as much as possible. In this context, employees who dedicate themselves to the organization with both talent and strong motivation have become a critical element for the efficiency of the organization. Undoubtedly, the current culture of the organization has the potential to have a decisive impact on the talented and dedicated employees. Culture can sometimes create effects that prevent talented and internally motivated employees from showing their maximum performance, and sometimes it can ensure that qualified personnel are retained, work with enthusiasm and increase productivity.


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