The Impact of Technological Disruption on Engineering Businesses


This research presents the impact of technology disruption on small engineering and architecture businesses in Saudi Arabia. Usually, risks and challenges are the major causes of low productivity in these small engineering businesses. In fact, innovative and advanced technologies can help them to deal with such challenges correctly and professionally. The literature suggests that managing innovation and technological disruption is not an easy task for small engineering and architecture companies. This is due to, not having the proper technical infrastructure for accommodating changes and updates in technologies. In addition, not holding enough fund to establish and manage technological disruption. The researchers would interview 60 managers from different engineering and architecture companies mostly SME companies in this regard, and they would record their responses for further analysis. The sample are managers from various small and medium engineering (SME) companies in Saudi Arabia. The research concludes that, technological disruption helps small engineering and architecture businesses to improve their financial, functional, and marketing performance.


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