A Literature Review of the Adoption of Internet of Things: Directions for Future Work


Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is changing the way of doing everything. Empirical studies focused on the technical aspect of this technology while studies related to the behavioural approach are limited. Among the empirical studies, there is no agreement on the predictors of IoT adoption by users. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to review and analyze the literature systematically to find the status of IoT adoption and the predictors that affect the adoption. To achieve this purpose, a systematic literature review is conducted to identify the related articles. Three filtering processes are deployed to refine the selected articles. This has resulted in reviewing 22 articles between 2016-2020. A frequency analysis was conducted. The findings of the 22 articles indicate that the number of articles pertaining to IoT is increasing with majority of the studies were conducted in Asian countries in smart devices, healthcare, consumers, and smart home IoT. The majority of the reviewed studies are quantitative with the technology acceptance model (TAM) is the dominant model. The important predictors of IoT adoption include ease of use, usefulness, perceived risk, social influence, privacy, attitude, security, compatibility, and trust.  More qualitative and mixed-method studies are needed in IoT adoption, and more studies are needed in the adoption of IoT smart homes in developing countries.


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