The Impact of Social Media on Religious Tourism in Jordan


The study is based on the social media impact on religious tourism based in the country Jordan. Jordan is the remarkable place that has several tourists’ spots to visit, and people all over the globe are excited to visit those places. Social media has a significant impact on the tourism industry of the country, and with the help of social media platforms, tourists can know the offers and the rules and regulations of the country. Recent covid-19 restrictions have changed the approach to tourism. Social media impact has helped tourists and the hospitality sector of the country to gain connectivity between tourists and the official board of tourism of Jordan. The study is based on the problems of the investigation and the literature review based on the topic of the study. The discussion is also based on the previous studies and statistics focused on the impact of social media on religious tourism. In the current context, the world has experienced rapid development in information technology, and social media plays a significant role to connect people all over the globe. The people who want to go on a religious trip can share their views and glimpses. With the help of social media, Jordan can also get increased revenue from the tourism sector.


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