The Role of Political Stability in the Development of Accounting


Political stability is an important element in the development of accounting. Not only political stability is reflected in accounting, but also it is reflected in all aspects of life. So, if we look at the advanced countries, we see that political stability played a positive role in its development in general and in accounting in particular. An example of these countries are United States, in which accounting has developed quickly and succeeded based on political stability and economic growth, and the European Union countries, which worked to establish a strong economic bloc and the accounting developed by adopting the IAS & IFRS standards. If we reviewed the Asian environment, we would find the best evidence, which is Japan. Japan was defeated in World War II, but it has turned into a sophisticated industrial country, one of the reason of developing is political stability that reflected positively in accounting in Japan. Likewise, the Arab countries with political stability have developed significantly at all levels, including the Saudi Arabia, accounting positively developed by adopting International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.


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