The Role of Electric Engineering in Storing Renewable Energy: A Conceptual Study in the United Arab Emirates


This study examines the important role of electric engineering in the storage of renewable energy, with a specific focus on the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In light of the worldwide move towards sustainable energy in the face of diminishing fossil fuel reserves, the United Arab Emirates must make a shift from its traditional dependence on oil to renewable sources. Effective storage solutions are necessary to address the intermittent nature of solar and wind energy, which are prevalent in the region, and to ensure grid stability. The research aims to identify optimal energy storage technologies for the UAE through a comprehensive methodology. This involves literature review, techno-economic analysis, system modeling, and case studies with local projects. The study’s importance lies in its potential to contribute to a diversified and sustainable energy portfolio for the UAE. It aims to foster environmental sustainability, reduce dependence on non-renewable sources, and position the country as a leader in renewable energy solutions.


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