The Effect of Technological Factors on the Adoption of Cloud Based E-banking Among Private banks Employees in Libya


Studies on cloud based e-banking (CBEB) is dominated by technical studies and industrial report. Most of the previous studies focused on the individual perspective related to the usefulness and usability of the technology while the technological perspective that focuses on security, privacy, trust, and availability received limited studies. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of technological related factors such as security, privacy, trust, and availability on the adoption of CBEB among employees in Libya. The population of this study is the IT professional employees in nine Libyan private banks. Data was collected using random sampling technique. A total of 309 responses were collected. Findings of the study indicated that technological factors affect the behavioural intention use CBEB. Satisfaction mediated partially the effect of technological factors on behavioural intention to use CBEB. Enhancing the trust, security, and privacy will lead to better adoption of CBEB among employees in Libyan private banks.


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