When writing an academic research, there are several steps that need to be carefully considered. These are categorized as follows:

1- Identifying the problem

If there is no problem, no need to do research. The problem can be divided into two parts. First, the practical or existing problem. This can be any existing real problem that an organization is facing. In a business context, problems could be the low performance of employees, lack of motivation, low job satisfaction or low organizational performance, weak HRM practices etc. Once the practical problem is identified, a researcher might conduct a small-scale interview with employees or with the manager to understand the potential causes of the problem.

The second part of the problem is the literature gap. The literature must be reviewed to understand the proposed solution for the problem from the literature’s perspective and identify the gaps in the literature. The theoretical gaps are important because they show that there is a need for the study not only in a particular organization or country but from a global perspective. This is usually the source of the theoretical contribution of the research.

Step 2 will discuss the formulation of research objectives and questions

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